Furansu Mods ML APK Download Latest v35 Mod Menu for Android

v 35
Furansu Mods ML APK allows you to change all ML skins, aim features, info rooms, minimaps, auto aim, ESP functions, camera
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Furansu Mods
8 October 2023
v 35
Android 5+
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The Furansu Mods 2023 ML APK allows you to change all ML skins, aim features, info rooms, minimaps, auto aim, ESP functions, camera perspectives, settings, and many more. However, it is a menu for all ML mods. The best aspect of this mod is its features’ stability. It indicates that the services are ongoing. As a result, you can entertain yourself endlessly. Other injectors or mod tools, however, eventually stop functioning. It does, in fact, work well on all Android devices. You may pass your free time amusing yourself using Furansu Mods.

Moreover, check out the list of fun freebies in the conclusion below. This article offers a detailed analysis of its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, we also want to inform you about Raymodz, though. It is a well-known menu that has recently undergone modification. Fans of ML are familiar with it because of its fantastic services and simplicity of usage. So feel free to download these modified games for nothing. Such third-party tools can only be used on Android smartphones.

Furansu Mods 2023 ML APK Overview:

A trendy MOBA game with plenty of thrills, excitement, and enjoyment is known as Mobile Legends Bang Bang. In this action game, every participant wants to take out all of their enemies. As a result, they continue to learn new techniques and skills from professionals. However, only a small percentage of beginners succeed. Furansu ML 2023 Mods may be the quickest path to realizing your goal of becoming MLBB’s most successful warrior. In fact, it is a customized version with features like auto aim, a mini-map, unlocking every skin, all rankings, and more.

Furansu ML is therefore comparable to many other ML modifications, such as Warlito tools and Feitan mods ML. A modified version doesn’t need ongoing premium memberships. Because of this, players are crazy about modified versions of games. 

Above all, ML game lovers claim that utilizing the mod menu is more practical than using several injectors and tools. A mod menu is a built-in feature of the game. There is no need to install an OBB file separately when installing an MLBB mod. Alternatively, you might relate it to your past achievements. A single click will access many cheats for free. Use the floating window in the mod menu to inject or eject cheats based on your needs. As a result, expenses like those for diamonds, combat points, coins, etc. are eliminated.

Features of Furansu 2023 Mods ML APK:

Furansu Mod Main Menu:

  • Unlock All Skins
  • Inject cheats
  • Anti-Ban
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe & Secure
  • Auto Aim Lock
  • Target Low Health
  • Flame Shot
  • Beatrix’s Basic Attack
  • Skills 1 to 4
  • Range Fov
  • Compatible with Android 5 to 11
  • works well on root and non-root devices.

Show Menu:

  • Minimap Show
  • HP Bar Info Show
  • Room Info Show

ESP Menu:

  • Distance ESP
  • Hero Name ESP
  • Player Name ESP
  • Shortcut ESP
  • Box ESP
  • Line ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Cooldown ESP
  • Bot ESP

Drone View:

  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 4x
  • 5x
  • 6x

Menu Settings:

  • Line Opacity and Line Position
  • Box Width and Height
  • Player Name Position and Name Size
  • Health Bar Size and Hero Name Size
  • Box Position X and Box Position Y
  • CD Size and CD Height
  • Box Width
  • Line Thickness and Line Color

ML Mod Menu Key for Furansu Mods:

The mod menu downloads and installation processes differ slightly from those of cheat applications. The file is an APK. So, give permission for unofficial apps to be installed on your smartphone. After that, navigate to Android and access the data in the phone’s storage. Now include “123” in the OBB file com.mobile.legends. After that, remove MLBB’s original game. Reverse the alterations to the OBB file. Install the Furansu Mods 2023 APK last.


You may win the game with the aid of the Furansu Mods 2023 ML APK. This game may be played to help us relax in our hectic lives. To pass the time these days, everyone plays online games. This game is ideal for people to play in their spare time. You and your friends can play this game together. Because they lack the funds to purchase tools, skins, and other items necessary to defeat the opposition, this game cannot be won. Everything you need to win the game is free with this app.

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